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Johnson  - Push the Feeling On (Biography) (Update 21-11-05)

Johnson, born in Huddersfield - England -, concluded his pre scientific education (VWO), where after he did a series of fashion shows. He accidentally was discovered as a (self-made) singer through which the combination singer/fashion shows came into existence. In 1996 he was asked for the act "The Foetsies" that made the number 3 position on the Dutch Charts. As a result of this half an hour lasting show Johnson  was now able to add  'dance'  to his CV as well. Various shows and tours followed, among which:

The Gordon Gospel Tour (NCRV), The Theme song for Foster Parents Plan, Endemol International Backing, The Anita Meyer Millennium Tour, a Leading part in the Theaterconcert "The Jazz Age", Backing Zucchero (in Barend en Van Dorp), backing/guitar for Ricky Martin (TMF Awards), the Final in The National Song contest (TROS AHOY Rotterdam), Backing  Lionel Ritchie (TROS 40 Years), Backing/guitar for Phil Collins (The TV show) and Backing/guitar for Mariah Carrey (National Lottery Show).

Meanwhile Johnson developed into a songwriter, provided for the choreography and organisation of Blue Denim (a six person sing/dance formation of the Jeans Foundation)  and the choreography for Kim-Lian (Video Teenage Superstar) and Armin van Buuren ft. Perpetuous Dreamer (U.S. tour). Moreover, this 'centipede' produces shows/concepts for a.o.: Ford, L'Oreal, ABN/AMRO, Pearl, O'Neill, Hugo Boss, SBS Belgium, White Villa Records, Esprit and Lee Jeans, Mercury Records with its agency Concert Building Events.

To White Villa this enormous talent is well known, since Johnson contributed several times to various Music Videos. At the same time his singing talent didn't go unnoticed, resulting in a co-operation with the producing duet John Marks and Roy Gates and his first single: "Push the Feeling On".

This super hot remake of the great Night Crawlers’ hit of the 90's did lead many a dance chart during the past period! The track was, with 68,6%, made in "Make it or Crush it" (”Maak ’t of Kraak ‘t”) and was on the playlist of Slam FM, on 32 in the Slam 40 and on 69 in the Top 100 !!